At Brosa we recently went glamping at St Jerome’s Hotel in Melbourne. Part of the experience was Dumplings, Lazer Tag, Bowling & rounded off the night partying in a nightclub, before heading back and camping under the stars! Everyone got into the night and really embraced the opportunity to hang out together.

It really drove home the importance of having fun together. Why? It allows people to truly get to know each other. A lot of the conversations we have in the office inevitably are going to be about work. We have a regular crew who grab a few drinks after work on a Friday but it isn’t everyone’s thing (we are diverse bunch and we respect that).

So to do something as a collective allowed people to have conversations they wouldn’t usually have and now people have the opportunity to say hello to each other in different way, as they actually know them.

We describe ourselves as a family, and I truly believe that is what we are like. I think the photos below talk for themselves 🙂

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