I recently had the luxury of interviewing for a number start-up’s recently. I found it really interesting on how different the process, the questioning and my approach to an interview situation was from interviews I have done in the past.

I thought it would be great to share some tips on what to expect when interviewing for start-up’s and if you were going through the process here at Brosa.

Idea’s Idea’s Idea’s

v4eozj7g1gw-neven-krcmarekYou have to be idea’s focussed, especially when entering a newly formed role for the business. The business will want you to be able to demonstrate that you are willing to think “outside of the box“ when it comes to implementing new initiatives. They want to see how you have done this in the past and what to expect from you in the future.

Start-up’s are built from innovation, so they will be looking for people who can be innovative in there role and entrepreneurial with the willingness to express their opinion and ideas.


_pc8ambi9uq-maarten-van-den-heuvelI found that start-up’s are keen to hear your ideas and plans for the short and long term. This gives them an idea of the risks involved in hiring you. For start-up’s the biggest commodity is time not money, so having an idea of what you are committed to achieving in a specific time frame helps to put things into perspective.

This will also give you an idea of what you expect from yourself in the role, give you a clear guide in your mind for when you start and set realistic expectations early on.


tammbr4okv4-ian-schneiderI think in the recruitment process in a large corporate or for task orientated environments passion is not always something that needs to be demonstrated. This is not the case with start-up’s, they want people that are fully immersed into there industry and show real enthusiasm for the business, its goals and values

This is because problem solving is one of the most required skills within a start-up, if you are fully immersed in the field, you are more likely to understand the pains that you will face. This will mean you will are more likely to be able to come up with solutions or be able to find solutions to your pain points.

Other things to demonstrate is your capacity to learn quickly, your willingness to lead projects, and showing that you want to be apart of something big. These three things alone will make you stand out from the crowd.

I think you are able to express these key things, a start-up will have a hard time telling you no. Be prepared, ask yourself the tough questions first and show your value. 

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