Onboarding new employees… Don’t forget feedback!

I recently implemented a new onboarding process at Brosa. One that will reflect our culture values, to ensure that people become immersed into the Brosa family quickly, understand everyone’s role, who our customer is and our products.

One of the key parts of our culture is feedback and accountability, these are a must. Why? Simply because how will you know what you are great at and what you need to improve on, if you are made to be ignorant of it. No one is perfect, so we hire people who value constructive feedback and celebrate what they are incredible at.

The problem is that feedback isn’t usually given early on in the onboarding stages of a new employee. A lot of the time the first few weeks of a new starter are all about ego boasting. Which hey, we do to, if you are doing a great job, we are going to tell you.

We now tell all new employees that from day one we will be giving you feedback. The good and the improvements that should be made. We seek to understand how people like to receive feedback, as everyone is different. Some people like direct feedback, some like written and some want examples to help understand. We have to be personalised to ultimately make the experience effective.

If we provide feedback early on, new employees know exactly the areas that need to improve and it doesn’t take 3-6 months for someone to get up to speed.

This goes both ways, we give opportunities to new employees to give us feedback. Let us know what we need to improve for their experience and future starters experience. This is a two way street, we want to know what we do great and what we need to improve on.

Sometimes this is even more important, because if we don’t know where we need to improve; we will struggle with retention, training budgets will inevitably rise and TIME the biggest commodity in a start up will be lost.

Feedback, for me is one of the most valuable resources we can use throughout the onboarding process. It sets a status quo, a transparent organisation and reduces the fear of “Am I doing a good job?”


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Liam McNally

Liam McNally

Talent & Recruitment Lead

The one with too much energy, too often, a lover of all things sport and leading the People & Recruitment initiatives at Brosa.

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