I’ve worked for a global investment bank and a Big Four accounting firm, and now I work at Brosa Design. My career choices so far have led me down interesting and unexpected paths. At the end of the day, the prospect of going to work and facing challenges is exciting, and overcoming those challenges is very rewarding.

Having said that, starting my career in big corporates had many benefits: 

  1. A variety of training programs. I had many chances to take part in training that helped me to perform my job, such as excel training, communication and leadership training, and a supportive mentorship ‘buddy’ program.
  2. Well defined roles with manageable tasks. While my day to day tasks in the Investment Bank tim-trad-205978d, there were a number of specific tasks that were expected of me. These included preparing market analysis notes for clients, relationship building and pitching investment ideas to my internal team and to clients. After a while, these tasks became manageable and structured my day.   

  3. A recognisable brand name to launch my career. The fact is, having big name organisations are like brands on your CV – they can open doors to other companies in similar industries.

While these benefits are appealing to a graduate fresh out of University, in the end what I valued, what inspired me everyday, and what brought me true satisfaction was not fulfilled working for a big organisation. 

Which is how I ended up at Brosa. Working at Brosa presents many dynamic challenges, but this is all part of the fun, right?

Startup world and especially Brosa has three key benefits:

  1. Everyone at Brosa is a potential teacher and is almost certainly a risk taker, so having the chance to work with them is very rewarding. Business processes at jazmin-quaynor-36221Brosa evolve every few months. Learning to keep up with these changes, as well as driving these changes requires a mindset that not only thrives on change, but constantly challenges why we do what we do everyday. Working alongside this group of people is a true privilege and brings me great joy.
  2. My voice will be heard and my actions will leave a lasting impact on Brosa. So long as my business ideas are well thought out and planned, they will be considered seriously and implementedkosal-ley-186072
  3. Working at Brosa is fun. We run morning meditation sessions before work – I particularly enjoy the chance to be silent and to have important moments to myself, all the while sitting with my friends at work!

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself honest questions about the things that inspire you and what you value. Sure, working at a Startup is not for everyone, but for those who are willing to brave it, the rewards are great.


Will Zou is Brosa’s Founders Apprentice, with a a background is Big Corporate Business, he moved to Brosa to take up the challenge of working in an innovative start up culture. He is currently working on a number of projects, namely working on improving Brosa’s Customer Experience and to help Brosa understand the customer better.