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As a designer, colour has always been a huge fascination of mine. Colour is everywhere…from nature, to art, to wild life and ales-krivec-1881design… Colour is all around us.  It is something that you cannot explain without experiencing for yourself.  It fascinates me to know that colour originates from light but it is our brain that interprets how we “see“ it. Is my “sky blue” the same as your “sky blue”? Who knows.


kristina-litvjak-50445Specific hues can provoke different emotions, associations, and responses that affect how our brain perceives things. It can make you feel calm, emotional, energized, angry, happy, sad and even hungry! It plays a huge role on our mental state as well as providing character and presence to an object, space or individual.

Over 16 million colours and hues define our beautiful world…Maths was never my strong point but that leaves A LOT of possible colour combinations to create unique designs.

Colour helps us to define ourselves and stand out from the crowd. It is a form or expression. It is emotion.


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Tracey Bright

Tracey Bright

Interior Design Consultant

The little Irish leprechaun of Brosa. Interior designer, home stylist and Mother of the studio.

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