What Inspires Us? Francesca Encinas – Digital Content Administrator

I am inspired in every aspect of life, by my family. I have two beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband, and they are my source of happiness, strength and determination to work hard every day. 

When I was still single and with no kids, I used to only have short term goals. Now, I always look at things in a far perspective, and aim for a better future not only for myself but also for my family. My family inspires me to dream bigger. I used to not care so much about my health, but right now I do my best to stay healthy because I want to be there for my family, to be fit to work, to be fit to live.

Spending quality time with my family (whether at home or on travel), is my favourite thing to do. So I look forward to weekends for these wonderful moments. This is what refreshes and relaxes me every time. My family keeps me positive and I always try to share this positiveness with peers, colleagues or any random person as much as I can 🙂


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Francesca Encinas

Francesca Encinas

Digital Content Administrator

Working out of the Phillipines, she assists the Melbourne based content team with all things content.

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